Cowboys shoot themselves in the arm

I’ll have more on this game after I can look at the final stats. The Cowboys for 2 1/2 quarters played as Cowboy fans expected. They were able to move the ball. New England was able to move the ball. The Defense played okay. They gave Dallas an opportunity to win. It was the offense’s penalties that killed the Cowboys today. 1 Billion penalties (12 for 98 yards). penalties killed drives. First downs were turned into 3rd and longs. First and 10 was magically transformed into first and 20. You can’t beat New England if you do that. They are and have proved that they are very good.

The last touchdown was typical Belichick. Or would that be better stated if I said that Belichick was making a statement. He is saying to the league that he and the New England Patriots are the best. Great (add your own sarcasm).

The Cowboys need to think very hard about the rest of the season. They will need to improve their secondary. They have to stop penalties. On the offensive side of the ball, we just need to be more consistent. We need Terry Glenn or another fast receiver. Patrick Clayton is a good third receiver but we need someone to pull some double team coverage away from TO. So, I suspect that the offense will get better. They have to start faster. They need to look at how Aikman got to the Hall of Fame. Start fast. Decrease the pressure on your defense. Increase the pressure on the other guy’s offense.  Finally, they have to stop the penalties.