NFL: Finally a good week

Michael Crabtree grab

Sunday afternoon, I was going to write a post asking the NFL to stop putting the Dallas Cowboys on prime time. They don’t deserve it. They have played from awful to mediocre for several years. Then the Cowboys came out and absolutely played the best game that I have seen in years. They spanked the New Orleans Saints. This was the same team that embarrassed the Cowboys last year by racking up 40 first downs, a NFL record.

Tonight the always great New England Patriots did what they have never done during the Brady era. They laid an egg on national television. The Kansas City Chiefs ran and passed their way to a rout. They smacked the New England Patriots. Jamal Charles and Knile Davis ran inside and outside and all over the Patriots. Alex Smith had time in the pocket and he looked sharp. It was a very impressive performance. Then, to add to the problems that the Patriots were facing, the Chiefs showed up with a defense. They pressured Brady into some bad decisions and plenty of turnovers. It was a great night if you hate the Patriots or like to see someone else win every once in a while.

The marquee game of the weekend was the San Francisco 49ers verses the Philadelphia Eagles. Let me start by saying that I don’t like the Eagles. To me, a great Cowboys season always includes beating the Eagles; not once, but twice. This was an entertaining game from start to finish. The Eagles high flying, smoke and mirrors offense was grounded by a strong and fast 49ers defense. It is unclear where this defense has been all year, but it sure showed up on Sunday. The Eagles stayed in the game with defense and special teams touchdowns. The 49ers offense made enough plays to snag the win.

For the first time in weeks, Ray Rice and Greg Hardy was not the focus of the NFL. Adrian Peterson wasn’t the focus of a Minnesota Vikings team that figured out how to play offense and defense without their best player being on the field. They won against an Atlanta Falcons team. Nobody could figure out with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback and he looked very good.

This was a good week for the NFL.