News Roundup – Budget Deal, Broncos, James Winston, Santa

I have no idea how a budget deal got done in Washington. Could it be that that the right wing of the Republican party is losing its luster? Oh, these knuckleheads stuck it to the poor once again. They are going to let unemployment insurance expire for millions of Americans right before Christmas. They should be ashamed.

I’m not sure how the Denver Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers. The Denver Broncos were the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year and for most of the year they have looked great. Although they beat the lowly Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo torched their defense for 48 points and over 500 yards of offense. Their next big test was against the Kansas Chiefs and they looked pretty good against the Chiefs. The Patriots made them look bad. Peyton Manning didn’t look great. The Denver defense again looked mediocre at best. Phillip Rivers has been carrying the Chargers all year. Rivers played “keep away” from the Denver offense and it worked. Denver and Peyton Manning have some serious work to do if they are going to win a Super Bowl. (more…)