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News Roundup – Keegan Bradley, Dallas Cowboys, Alan Grayson

The PGA Tour Championship ends today at the beautiful East Lake Country Club. Henrik Stenson, unless he collapses, should be able to win the championship and take home the grand prize of $10,000,000. Yet, I really love Keegan Bradley’s Eagle from the fairway. He simply nails the shot then gets down on the ground and imitates Jason Dufner, a move known as Dufnering. Great shot. Funny response. Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am a big fan of Tiger Woods. Over the last four days we’ve seen both the greatness and the mystery of Tiger Woods. On Thursday, he played beautifully but simply couldn’t make a putt. On Friday, he had one of the most remarkable rounds I’ve seen in a while. He played clinical golf to be five under par through 13. Then he pushed a tee shot on 14 way into the woods on the left. This led to a double bogey and his round collapsed as he went six over par in the last four holes.

I’ve been rubbing my eyes for the last hour and a half. I’m trying to decide what I saw in what was formerly known as Texas Stadium, or was that the Cowboys Stadium? I know that it is now known as AT&T Stadium (that simply just doesn’t sound right, yuck). The Dallas Cowboys did not beat the St. Louis Rams. They destroyed them. I thought this was going to be another extremely close and tight game. The Rams have a extremely strong defensive front and I thought they’d manhandle our offensive line. I had visions of Tony Romo running for his life, yet again. That simply didn’t happen. We actually ran the ball from the line of scrimmage. We actually dominated the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. Tony Romo threw the ball like he was an All-Pro. It was an amazing performance all around. I’m still in shock. (more…)

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Texas Stadium is no more

It is kind of sad to see Texas Stadium go down in a pile of dust. I remember when it opened. I remember the luxury boxes from the early ’70s. I remember seeing some great football and some really bad pro football in Texas Stadium.

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Dallas Cowboys, One Down and 18 To Go

Well, it is time for football season. The Dallas Cowboys opened its season against the Cleveland Browns. Both teams really have something to prove. The Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns ended their season last year– by laying an egg.

Dallas Cowboys took their opening drive and ran 10 plays. They traveled 80 yards. They ended the drive with a Marion Barber touchdown. The Cowboys defense that allowed a 16-play drive, which took approximately nine minutes and ended in a Cleveland Browns touchdown. The Cowboys had the ball three more times in half and scored twice. Both scores were touchdowns. At halftime score was 21 to seven. The game was practically over by this point.

A few comments — the Cowboys pass defense continues to suspect. They had periods of brilliance with Anthony Henry and Kevin Hamlin playing well. Then there were other times when Derek Anderson seem to be hitting receivers that will. On the opposite side of the ball, Tony Romo looked sharp. Patrick Clayton and Terrell Owens looked very good. Jason Witten was open all day. Marion Barber continues to run extremely hard. Felix Jones was outstanding. I am hoping that he would be a pleasant surprise.

Next Monday night the Cowboys take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Texas Stadium. This will be a huge game.

(For some reason, I can’t upload video. Hopefully, I’ll get that fixed soon.)

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