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Just a couple of things… Sunday Morning

  • I love it when a Republican whines about having trouble making ends meet when he is worth over $31 million. It makes me tear up.
  • Texas GOP representative Blake Farenthold somehow figures out how to equate unemployed Americans to alcoholics and drug addicts. Completely and totally despicable.
  • Former Massachusetts Governor  and presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney has a real problem with healthcare. On one hand, he wants to promote the “great things” that he did in Massachusetts with his healthcare plan; on the other hand, our national healthcare law is really based on what he did in Massachusetts. Basically, he would have to go against conventional GOP wisdom and state that the healthcare law really isn’t that bad an idea. No Republican candidate for president is going to say that.
  • Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels continues the GOP attack on Planned Parenthood.
  • According to the Gallup poll, the popularity of the tea party movement continues to plummet.

tea party opinion

  • Muammar Qaddafi’s son died in NATO airstrikes.
  • First-quarter profits for BP were only $5.5 billion. Now, this is not $5.5 billion in total income. This is $5.5 billion in profits. This is just one year after the biggest oil disaster in our history. What is more egregious is that BP’s oil profits are just over half of what Exxon Mobil ($10.7 Billion) made in the first quarter of this year. In my opinion, oil prices are being manipulated and all companies are profiting while Americans are hurting.

  • Obama is increasing aid to the storm ravaged South.
  • The death toll from Wednesday’s tornadoes has now climbed to 337. This is the second deadliest day, secondary to storms, since an outbreak in 1925. According to the Weather Channel, from April 25 – 27th there over 250 reported tornado outbreaks throughout the South and Midwest. The devastation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama has been well-documented. What we haven’t talked much about is climate change secondary to man’s burning of fossil fuels. For some reason, this has been absent from the discussion of these major tornado outbreaks. The whole theory of climate change is based on heating of the atmosphere because of trapped carbon gases. This heating of the atmosphere increases water vapor in the air. Relatively cold air from Canada collides with the warm air coming up from a gulf and this gives you the energy that creates severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are near record highs. Warmer air from the Gulf of Mexico equals more energy for thunderstorms. While no single weather event should be blamed on climate change, there is clearly a trend for bigger, better and more severe storms, tornadoes and flooding. This is costing us more and more money. WE need to act on climate change secondary to man’s burning of fossil fuels. We need to act NOW.
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What's Going On – News Round Up

  • First, an update to a story that I posted yesterday. It was about the Texas GOP and a vendor at the state convention that had a “special” Obama button. Well, the Texas GOP has decided that they didn’t want them. They have been booted.
  • Coca production in Columbia is up. When we talk about wasteful spending when are we going to add the War on Drugs which has been a huge failure.
  • Washington paid tribute to Tim Russert.
  • More flooding in the midwest. When is our president going to actually go to Iowa and Illinois?
  • Tiger Woods is out for the rest of the season to have knee surgery that he should have had 10 months ago.
  • The Boston Celtics win the most anti-climatic NBA finals, ever. Every knew who was supposed to win since the start of the season.
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