The Errington Thompson Show 2/24/07

We are still trying to get the opening segment together. It is getting better.  Thing that make you go mmmm is a fun segment that looks at some of the craziness in our world.  Then we cover the real stuff.  Britain is pulling out of Iraq.  The Bush administration is surging and the British are de-surging.  The coalition of the willing is much less willing.  South Korea, Denmark and multiple other countries are pulling out.   We talk to Caroline Wadhams from the Center of American Progress will talk to us about their terrorism index.  This is the second time that the Center has gotten terrorism experts from all political favors to see how we are doing.  Some of the findings are surprising.   We have the pleasure of chatting with Bill Scher of LiberalOasis.  We discuss the fact that Tom Vilsack was the first one in and the first one out.  Public financing would fix this.  The Democrats in the Senate seem to be stuck.  Bill believes that this is a good first step.  I’m not sure that that we have done anything yet.  After I finish the interview with Bill Scher, I summarize the Walter Reed scandal.  Tony Snow tries to side step this issue.  I’ll have more on Walter Reed next week.

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