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Phil Collins – I Don’t Care Anymore

I still don’t understand what the heck S&P is saying. Are they worried about our long term debt? Are they worried about our near term debt? It is simply crazy. If we can get the economy to begin to make jobs, much of the near and medium debt debt will go away. If we let the Bush tax cuts expire, then a huge chunk of our debt disappears. So what is the big deal? These guys are either the dumbest guys in the room or simply criminals. (A couple of great references – S&P funny numbers, S&P have been wrong before,  Krugman clears up what some think that he has said before)

Oh and I haven’t mentioned a better than expected jobs report.

This has been one of my favorite protest tunes for a long time. The soaring guitar is screaming throughout the tune. Then you have the drums laying out a marvelous beat. I love this tune.

Artist: Phil Collins
Tune: I don’t care anymore

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Obama cornering the Republicans

Okay, if you want to truly cut spending and get our financial house in order, here you go –

From TPM:

President Obama tried to use the bully pulpit to pressure Congressional leaders to wrest free of some of their ideological binds and come together to hammer out a long-term debt deal, warning both sides he would not accept a temporary 30- to 60-day stop-gap fix.

“I have been hearing from our Republican friends that it’s a moral imperative for us to tackle our debates and deficits in a serious way,” Obama told reporters at a briefing Monday. “So what I’ve said to them is let’s go. It is possible for us to construct a package to involve both parties to take on their sacred cows.”

“We might as well do it now, pull off the band aid, eat our peas,” Obama said.

With the clock ticking down for both sides to reach a deal on raising the debt-ceiling, Obama is urging Republicans to back away from their insistence on no new tax increases and Democrats from refusing to agree to any changes to entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

It looks to me that this is the moment of truth for the Republicans. They have an opportunity to show the American people what they are made of. Can they handle it?

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