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Love, poverty and money

The world we live in is so crazy and unpredictable. You really truly never know what’s going happen next. A couple of weeks ago, my sister told me that I needed to follow MC Hammer on twitter. Being a great brother, I signed up to follow the star rapper. I hved been on and off of twitter several times today. Most of the tweets I was reading had to do with the massive protests that continue in Wisconsin. I even helped Karoli trace some of the funding of a Right-wing group who is trying to sabotage union workers. A couple hours later, I got back to twitter and found this tweet from MC Hammer –

Improve the quality of your life !!! Listen to Jessica Jackley !!! .. Amazing Woman !!! #Seeherface http://j.mp/hSYvA3

So, I followed the link to an amazing video. I don’t know who started TED. But whoever started it is a true genius. Jessica Jackley seems to be the kind of person we all want to be, someone who loves and cares for and about their fellow man. She has separated herself from us by doing more than simply caring. She’s done something to help our fellow men/women. Please watch this amazing video.

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Who's Ted Kaufman?

Ted Kaufman is the long-time Chief of Staff for Senator Joe Biden. Kaufman has been chosen by Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Miner to take Joe Biden’s place in the Senate until a special election is held in 2010. More here.

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