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Opinions Versus Facts

I think that everyone in America would agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions. As a matter fact, I don’t think it’s a prerequisite to have your own opinions. If you want to you can borrow someone else’s. Yet, it is often the case, especially on talk radio, that someone will start flapping their lips and will lay out a set of “facts” which flow into their opinion. The problem is that their “facts” are sometimes not facts at all. Sometimes they are indeed lies. Let’s look at what Representative Steve King (R-IA) stated on G Gordon Liddy’s talk show (the fact that Liddy did not even attempt to correct him is a different conversation and says a lot about Liddy’s character).

From TP:

First of all [the Affordable Care Act] is unconstitutional. We can go through all of that component, Gordon, but, in the end, this trade off of giving up our personal decisions on what health insurance policy we choose to buy, what health insurance policy will be delivered to us because of market demands, and making decisions on doctors and tests and second opinions, as a whole list of things that are taken away from us under Obamacare. All of that, for what? So that we have a federal mandate that children must stay on our insurance until age 26? I want mine to grow up, as a matter of fact.

And then, going on down the line, preexisting conditions, the states can address that constitutionally far better than the federal government, and that’s how it should be addressed.

I think that there is a legitimate argument to be made about whether or not the Affordability Care Act is constitutional. It is when you start making up what’s in the act that I have a problem. There is no mandate that children must be on anyone’s insurance until age 26. This is a complete misreading of the bill. Instead, parents have the ability to keep kids on their insurance, if they want to, until age 26.

The Bill specifically states that you have the power to choose your own doctor and your own hospital. To state otherwise is a lie.

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Rikyrah from JJP in the house

The Errington Thompson Show will look at, discuss and dissect meteorites, volcanoes, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, the state of the financial sector, the progress of the financial bill in the Senate, taxes and the tea partiers. We are happy to welcome from the popular blog, Jack and Jill Politics, Rikyrah. Join me this Friday for some fun, entertaining and progressive discussion at 6 PM (EST).

GREAT show. If you missed it, I’ll have the podcasts up later.

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