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A Couple of Things

First of all, I am happy to announce that I’ve been included in the Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2010. Jon Swift (not his real name) was incredibly influential early blogger. He was a conservative with liberal leanings. He wasn’t angry. He was the first major blogger to include me in his blogroll. His death was painful and shocking. I truly appreciate being included in this Roundup.

Secondly, Ezra Klein is talking my language. This is very similar to a post that I did some time ago.

Speaker John Boehner’s office tweets, “@CNN survey: 60 percent of Americans oppose unconstitutional individual mandate in ObamaCare.” The link goes to this Hill article reporting that support for the individual mandate has slipped from 44 percent to 38 percent. But if you look at the full poll (pdf), there’s more of interest. For instance, this question:

So 56 percent of voters either favor the legislation or wish it was more liberal. Only 37 percent oppose it for being too liberal. There’s some ambiguity as to what people mean when they use the world “liberal” in this context, but I’m pretty sure that it’s not anything John Boehner would find particularly congenial.

I looked at a different poll but the results were the same. Americans have wanted the government to step in and take responsibility for healthcare for more than a decade.

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