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Linda Greenhouse, a fabulous Supreme Court reporter for decades, has a few thoughts on Gitmo and the Supremes:

Among the things we’ll learn by the time the Supreme Court recesses for the summer is whether the justices are finished with Guantánamo.

Of course, the court won’t post a sign declaring “No más Guantánamo.” The point is that the justices are scheduled in the coming days to consider whether to hear any of the half-dozen new appeals filed in recent months on behalf of detainees at the United States naval base in Cuba. One is an appeal of a framework-shifting appellate ruling that makes it nearly impossible to challenge the validity of the intelligence reports on which the government relies for most of the continuing detentions. If the Supreme Court turns all the cases down, as is quite likely and as the Obama administration is urging, the message will be the same: We’re through. (more…)

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Supreme Court hears Photo ID law

Block the vote. That’s what this is about. It isn’t about making the voting process better. There are plenty of fake ID’s out there. Instead, this is about excluding a block of voters who are poor, who have issues with transportation, who are elderly.

This is part of an ongoing process to make a permanent Republican majority.

PBS’s NOW did a great piece on this. I’ll try and post it later on this evening.

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Supreme Court restricts abortion

As a surgeon, I really don’t want the courts telling me what kind of procedures that I perform. We already have the most regulated business in the world – medicine.

As far as a women’s right, it is exactly that, a women’s right. The Supreme Court with 8 men and 5 Catholics decided to uphold the federal ban on “partial birth” abortion. There is a lot of confusion and mis-information that surrounds this procedure. The bottom-line is a woman should have the right to decide what is best for her as long as the fetus in not viable. If the fetus is viable the woman should be able to choose between adoption and parenthood.

You should not be able to regulate what I do with my body.  Sure there are some exceptions.  Until anyone can come up with a definition of when human live begins, we should agree to disagree.  The “pro-life” folks will have none of this.  They want to impose their religious beliefs on everyone.  They will not stop until there are no legal abortions performed anywhere.
The full Supreme Court decision is here.

Question – Are the Democrats ready for a knockdown drag out fight with the Republicans? This is a federal law. Congress can change the law but the president would have to sign the legislation. This will never happen. The next question is can Congress override a veto? I think that the answer is No. For now, the Democrats will have to work toward getting a more liberal Congress and a democratic President.

Elections have consequences.  Great post by The Carpetbagger and Think Progress.

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