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Individuality & Connection

I was out and about in Houston today.

The picture above was taken today and conveys the fact it was quite sunny.

I was thinking as I walked and drove around about the need to take everybody as individual, while at the same time not forgetting that everyone is connected.

These two imperatives can draw upon different internal resources, and can highlight competing strains of thought about how to view the world.

Also, it was so bright and sunny as I traveled  around Houston today. Individual things stand in such clear relief when so clearly lit.

Still–I was not swayed from my thoughts. Being under the light of the sun was a unifying aspect of the things I saw.

In the year ahead please consider finding the internal resources and flexibility of mind to accept the people you encounter as individuals and without preconceived notions, while at the same time grasping that what happens to one person happens to all people.

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I'm mad as hell, so I'm going to lash out at everybody!

This seems to be the prevailing opinion in the country today. Everybody seems to be mad. Everyone seems to be on edge. The government is to blame. Conservatives are to blame. Independents are too fickle. Democrats are too liberal. We’ve heard every explanation under the sun. In my opinion, some of the explanations are simply outlandish and others miss the point entirely. The bottom line, as I see it, is that people are working hard and getting less and less in their take-home pay. Whatever monies they make cover less and less. This is the problem.

One of the more misguided efforts to fix our problems is an organization called Get Out Of Our House. Their plan is to simply replace every member of Congress. Of course, this idea has been embraced by FOX News (see video.)

It is hard to explain just how misguided this effort is. What makes every member of Congress inherently bad? Were they bad before they were elected to Congress? If so, how do we fix the election process so that we elect “good” people? On the other hand, could it be possible that “good people” were elected to Congress and then became bad after the election? None of these questions are asked by this organization. Of course, they don’t answer the questions either. It seems to me that you would need to at least investigate these questions before jumping to the conclusion that you need to replace everybody.

In my opinion, corporate influence over policy has increased over the last 30 years. If we look at the explosion in the number of lobbyists, this would suggest that corporations are paying more attention than individuals to what is going on in Congress. This may be the place to start. How do we decrease corporate influence over our political process? How do we make our elected representatives more responsible to the people instead of to our corporations? This is the fundamental question is facing America today. Let’s thoughtfully fix this problem. Lashing out in a fruitless effort to replaced everyone is foolhardy, to say the least.

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