A most ridiculous suit (lawsuit)

A judge took a mom and pop dry cleaners to court over some lost pants. Judge Roy L. Pearson sued Soo Chung and his wife for $54 million. Yep, $54 million. I don’t understand it. I’ll never understand it. Even if it was my favorite, my lucky, my damn grandest pair of pants that I had ever owned, I don’t understand dragging these folks into court. Ask for $100. Ask for $400 for pain and a decrease in your luck factor but $54 million. That’s a waste of the court’s time.


From NYT:

A District of Columbia administrative law judge who filed a $54 million lawsuit against his neighborhood dry cleaner over a pair of missing pants will not get a penny, a court here ruled Monday.

Judge Judith Bartnoff of Superior Court ruled that Judge Roy L. Pearson Jr. failed to prove that Custom Cleaners misled consumers with its “satisfaction guaranteed” sign. For that matter, Judge Pearson was not even able to convince her that they had lost his pants.

“The court finds that the plaintiff is not entitled to any relief whatsoever,” Judge Bartnoff wrote. (more…)