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Violence in America

tamir rice

Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old boy who was playing in a Cleveland, Ohio park with a toy gun. Someone called 911 and reported that a “juvenile” was pointing a gun at passersby and that the gun was probably a toy. Two city police officers named Loehmann and Garmback arrived on the scene in separate cars. Critical information had NOT been related to them: they were not told that Tamir was a child, nor that Tamir appeared to be playing with a toy gun. It appears, however, that within two minutes of arriving on the scene Officer Loehmann had taken out his real gun, aimed, opened fire, and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

It is unclear to me how anyone, including a trained police officer, can assess a scene in under two minutes. It is unclear how a grown man can not recognize the difference between a child with a toy gun and a threatening adult. It is equally unclear to me how anyone with a conscience can ever again sleep at night after shooting a child to death. Yet two “independent experts” in police shootings stated that this police shooting was justified and/or reasonable.

In South Carolina, a female high-school student refused to leave the classroom, and security was called. The so-called “school resource officer,” Ben Fields, confronted the girl, grabbed her, and then turned over her desk with her in it, throwing her on the floor in the process. He then dragged her out of the classroom while choking her. Of course, everything was caught on a cell-phone video. Another student, who complained about her classmate’s treatment by calling out “Stop! What are you doing to her?” (or something along those lines), was then arrested for interfering. The security guard has since been fired – but was this the best way to handle a teenager?

America is simply too violent. It seems the only way we try to resolve a dispute is with a gun. Shoot first and asked questions later. It’s as if we live in the Wild, Wild West with Wyatt Earp and John Wesley Hardin, who once shot a man for snoring. Where is Wild Bill Hickok? We have to have a better way of resolving our differences.


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Isn’t bullying wrong whether it is done today or 40 years ago?

So we have had a big push to stop bullying. We would like to stop bullying in schools and colleges. I remember as a teenager I went to the Battle of the Bands. This was a great show. Gambling. Texas Southern and other bands from historically Black colleges. It was outstanding. Great music and absolutely great precision marching. Recently, I found out that Florida A&M, a historically Black college, had a student who died of hazing, bullying.

From WaPo:

Thirteen people have been charged in the hazing death of a Florida A&M University band drum major last November, a prosecutor said on Wednesday. Eleven of the 13 face a third-degree felony charge of hazing resulting in death.

Robert Champion, 26, was found aboard a charter bus parked in Orlando after he was reportedly beaten so badly that he was left with internal bleeding, which caused him to go into shock and die, the county medical examiner’s office said at the time. (more…)

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Another school shooting

Earlier this week there was a school shooting in Colorado.  This time it is in Wisconsin.  Again, we have the typical reporting of a student who just walks into a school and starts shooting.  When are we going to get some security for schools?  According to earlier reports, the student walked in school with both a pistol and a rifle.  Shouldn’t we have a way to detect people who are walking in to schools with firearms?

There are a ton of problems in our schools today.  We have overcrowding.  We have teachers are overworked and underpaid.  Teachers are expected to be mothers and fathers as well as educators for some kids.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget, teachers are asked to be police officers also.  They’re asked to rid our schools of drugs.  The schools themselves are underfunded.  Our whole educational system needs to be overhauled.  There hasn’t been a significant change in our schools and the way we deliver information to students for over a hundred years.  If education is important, and it should be, we have to do better.

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