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Friday Afternoon News Roundup

Legendary drummer of The Band has died.

Space Shuttle Discovery has found a new home.

The president of the Catholic League would like to boycott The Daily Show because of “an unprecedented vulgar assault on Christians.” Well, as a Christian, I haven’t seen or felt the unprecedented vulgar assault by Jon Stewart. but maybe it is there. Maybe this is much to do about nothing. It would seem to me that Catholics should be outraged over the GOP budget plan that would gut all social services and put the poor out on the streets. But what do I know.

Michele Bachmann is clearly missing the spotlight that she had just a few months ago. She used the thoughtless a metaphor when she said, “This is about waving a tar baby in the air and saying that something else is the problem.” As usual, Michele Bachmann does not understand the issue. I don’t really think she understands the metaphor. It is extremely unfortunate. By the way, she was trying to say that Barack Obama had the tools to regulate oil speculation. Unfortunately, she is wrong.

It appears a Black firefighter in England  got tasered by the police.

More corporations are leaving The American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC). This is good.

60 new archaeological sites dating back almost 6000 years have been found outside of Rio.

I know that everyone was looking forward to seeing a timeline on the Secret Service prostitution scandal. Well, here it is.

George Zimmerman’s bond hearing was today. His bond has been set for $150,000.

The 100 best apps for android. Some of these apps are plenty cool.

The history of GPS. GPS has only been available for about 10 years. 20 years ago, we all had these ridiculously folded maps. Now, GPS comes on our cell phones and is quite accurate.

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Discovery’s final lift off

This is just cool. I love watching the Space Shuttle take off.

I’m deeply saddened that we “can’t” afford to build another updated Shuttle. If we quit giving tax breaks to the wealthy we could afford a few things around here.


Space shuttle Discovery arrived at the International Space Station on Saturday, making its final visit before being parked at a museum.

“What took you guys so long?” asked the space station’s commander, Scott Kelly.

Discovery should have come and gone last November, but was grounded by fuel tank cracks. It blasted off Thursday with just two seconds to spare after being held up by a balky ground computer.

“Yeah, I don’t know, we kind of waited until like the last two seconds,” said shuttle commander Steven Lindsey.
The linkup occurred 220 miles above Australia.

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