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Lock ’em up

In this country we have had a lock ’em up mentality for a long time. If someone crosses the line, then send them to the slammer. The South is really good at locking up its citizens. Locking up our citizens is big business.  Some folks are making tons of money locking up those Americans who have crossed some line or another. Rehabilitation is for wimps. Real men, if they go astray, should know how to get on the right path. Period. They don’t need any of that hand holding, group therapy garbage. The fact that we are spending less on education, which happens really to be the only way out of prison and poverty, is not really germane to this conversation.  Louisiana is really, really good at locking up its citizens. I really don’t understand how, in a nation of Christians, we don’t feel that it is morally wrong to have a for-profit prison system. I simply don’t understand it. Isn’t there just a little conflict of interest if you get paid by the prisoner? Then you place on top of this for-profit prison system the craziness that is our judicial system. Blacks and other minorities are more likely to get arrested and do time than anyone else in our society. Once you are in the system, there is nothing in prison that is designed to help you get on the right path, so you are more likely to get arrested and go back to jail once you get out. What’s the point?


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Blackout in South Florida

I thought that President Bush as going to fix the electrical grid?  What happened to that plan?  I’m guessing that someone got rich and we got the shaf$.

Please note in the story below that the writers of this story go out of their way not to blame the nuclear plant for any of these problems.  I find that kind of interesting.

Video to follow.


From Miami Herald:

At its peak, the main power failure left as many as four million people without electricity in South Florida, along the Gulf Coast, in the Orlando area and elsewhere around the state, according to state officials.

The outage was caused by a switch failure at Florida Power & Light’s Flagami substation — not in the utility’s nuclear plant at Turkey Point, as reported earlier by some media outlets, FPL President Armando Olivera said during an evening news conference.  (more…)

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