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Smooth Criminal (Re-posted)

I originally posted this back in October 2006.  I thought it would be nice to re-post it.  I understand that this original video is hard to find.  I guess you just need to know where to look.

The following is the old post.  Remember Bob Ney?  He was kind of like Mark Sanford.  He was a disgraced politician except he kept his pants on, as far as I know.  😉

No not Bob Ney.

Remember when Michael Jackson was an entertainer and not a child molester? Remember when you simply couldn’t wait until his next video would come out? In his day, he was as good as they got. Smooth Criminal, like many of the videos and music that Michael Jackson did back then, broke new ground. The visuals were awesome. The video was part of a larger movie. Anyway, that was a long time ago. Bush I was in the White House. Iraq hadn’t been invaded once. We were friends with Osama Bin Laden and were still fighting the Soviet Union. Wow, that really was a long time ago.


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Michael Jackson: Thriller

It is hard to imagine the excitement over Michael Jackson’s album, Thriller, that debuted on MTV 25 years ago. There was no other music channel at the time. The following day, the video went on sale nationwide. I was in medical school at the time. One of the medical students in the class ahead of me got his wife to go to the store and wait in line to buy the VHS video. She brought the video to school and we used the A-V equipment there to show the video during our lunch break. Both members of the first-year class and the second-year classed stayed around to watch the video. As I recall, more than 150 students eagerly watched the video. We all loved it.

Thriller was the pinnacle of Michael Jackson’s music video career. Although he made tons more videos, with Smooth Criminal being the most notable, nobody else made any more of the super-production videos. Jackson was the only one.


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