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Madonna: Four Minutes

Madonna released her first single in 1982. Her first album, Like a Virgin, came out in the following year. Twenty-four years later (and 20 or 30 hits later), Madonna is dancing around the Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. I think that this is a testament to what a great performance artist she truly is. Very few in the music business can look at 25 years worth of work and smile and say that they are still on top. Here’s Four Minutes.

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Malcolm, Martin & My Sometimes Wariness Of Liberals

Politically-minded individuals take different routes of historical knowledge and personal experience to establish their ideological commitments.

For me, reading about Martin Luther King and Malcolm X was a major part of the political individual I am today.

Experience I would later gain matched some of what I had earlier read.

A point Malcolm X often made was his distrust of white northern liberals. This is what I am in many ways. I’ve lived in Texas for the last nine years and above the Mason-Dixon line for the first 30 years. (more…)

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