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FDL fights against Obama Smear

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On Sunday Nedra Pickler of the AP wrote a hit piece trying to call Senator Barack Obama’s patriotism into question. It’s up to us to push back against this right wing smear.

Knowing you, I thought you would want to help. You can go here to take action by writing to the editors of local and national newspapers:


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I can smear better than you

One would figure that after the very public smearing of McCain by Bush in 2000, that behavior would have stopped. NOT!! It seems that we should be able to tailor a law that don’t suppress speech but jail these knuckleheads. Why is the same guy that smeared McCain in 2000 now working for Romney? I’m just asking. Isn’t Romney supposed to be the great, straight as an arrow, fair play Mormon? Guess not.

Keith Olbermann discusses this with Jonathan Alter.

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