County Sheriff and gang sitting in jail

I have only been in Asheville 2 years. I really don’t “know” many of the power people but I had heard there was something rotten in the cotton (Sherriff’s office). So, if I, a newcomer, had heard it, tons of other folks had to know. They simply couldn’t do anything about it. There must have been someone who tried to speak out but got smacked down. Who was that person because that is someone who deserves a key to the city/county?

Here’s the indictment – Medford and 3 co-defenders.

From ACT:

A former Buncombe County sheriff’s deputy labeled as a “lead player” in an illegal video gambling operation must wait in jail for trial, a federal judge decided Tuesday.

Former reserve Capt. Guy Penland during his arraignment and detention hearing in U.S. District Court said he was not guilty of taking protection money and bribes from video poker operators. (more…)