New Orleans – Sewer system needs a lot of work

From Nola:

A long-awaited report sizing up the post-storm condition of New Orleans’ water, wastewater and drainage systems said it will take $5.7 billion to repair the massive infrastructure systems — much of which the Sewerage & Water Board has no idea how it will finance.

The 92-page report by management consultant Black & Veatch, delivered Wednesday to board directors, offers the most comprehensive picture to date of the massive task of rebuilding the city’s winding web of pipes, pumps and canals, a job consultants estimate will take 25 years.

It also includes a detailed request for additional money from the Louisiana Recovery Authority to cover a gap of nearly $1 billion between estimated near-term repair costs and federal rebuilding aid that has already been approved.


It seems that we, as a nation, are going to let New Orleans and the Gulf Coast wallow in their misery.  Funding for this huge project is coming from where?  Federal government can’t even do the simple things.