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News Roundup – Microsoft, Joe Wilson, Syria

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I find corporate America fascinating. We love to hold corporate CEOs up as some sort of financial business gurus, when in fact they are simply ordinary guys. Microsoft is an excellent example. For years, Microsoft could do no wrong. They were always ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, that was decades ago. The last thing that Microsoft truly got right was Xbox 360 and that was almost a decade ago. Remember how Microsoft got into cell phones about 10 years ago? Everybody thought it would be absolutely great if there were some way you can sync your email with your cell phone. The Windows cell phone was a disaster. Earlier this week, Microsoft bought Nokia. Unfortunately for Microsoft, in my opinion, this is too little too late. Google bought the cell phone portion of Motorola more than two years ago. We’re now seeing cell phones they’re rolling out that are fabulous. (The golden halo that surrounded Apple seems to be losing its shine also.)

Remember representative Joe Wilson? He was the South Carolina Congressman who shouted out in the middle of a joint session of Congress, “You lie, at Barack Obama!” Well, Joe Wilson really hasn’t done anything of note since then. Yesterday, Rep Wilson decided that he needed to unleash the crazy as John Kerry testified to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. He decided not to unleash one or two crazy theories but instead to go for the bonanza. The reason that Barack Obama was coming to Congress to seek authorization to use military intervention to deter Syria from unleashing more chemical weapons was not that this needed to be done. No, instead it was because Barack Obama was trying to divert our attention away from “Benghazi, IRS, NSA scandals, the failure of Obama care enforcement, the tragedy of the White House drafted sequester.” The quote from the MasterCard commercial fits here – priceless.

Light truck sales increase to their highest number since 2007.

Economic activity continues to improve.

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News Roundup – Turkey, Syria, Paula Deen and more

For weeks, there have been huge demonstrations in Turkey. I really have no idea what they’re about. I have no idea what they’re trying to accomplish. Maybe I need to read some more about these demonstrations.

I know that the neocons are upset that Obama has not bombed or invaded Syria yet but they’re still hopeful. As I see it, with young Arab men who seem to be desperate to shoot at or fight somebody pouring into Syria, it seems like a really good idea for us to stay out of there. Plus, it seems that weapons from Libya are finding their way into Syria.

Netroots Nation – This started a couple of days ago. This is the biggest progressive powwow, think tank, party in the nation. I went a couple years ago when it was in Austin. It was a rejuvenating experience.

Terrible flooding in Canada. Remember, there is no global warming. (more…)

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Sequester Badness

Sequester pain

The Sequester is causing widespread pain.

From EPI:

State budgets rely heavily on federal funding— in 2011, federal grants to state and local governments totaled $607 billion. The sequestration cuts that went into effect on March 1 are a prime example of the impact federal fiscal policy decisions can have on state and local budgets, as well as their overall economies. Sequestration cuts $85 billion from government spending for the rest of fiscal 2013. As this recent EPI paper details, this means a $5.1 billion reduction in federal funding for state grants, relative to federal funding levels that were in place when sequestration went into effect. Because states use these grants to fund vital services such as infrastructure improvements, education, social services and public safety efforts, these cuts will not only hurt state economies but will also mean real losses for working families across the country.

The March 1 sequestration resulted in all 50 states and the District of Columbia losing varying amounts of federal grant funding, ranging from a 3.36 percent cut for Wyoming to a 0.68 percent cut for Tennessee. Many programs were subject to sequestration cuts. A few examples of programs that saw their grant funding cut under sequestration include Title 1 education programs, Head Start, and the WIC Supplemental Feeding Program. For context, two of the most populous states (with presumably large programs), California and Texas, experienced the following losses in grant funding due to sequestration: $28.2 million for the Texas Head Start program, $58.2 million for the California WIC supplemental feeding program, and $83.3 million for California Title 1 funding for local education agencies.

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