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TDS – final message from Dana Perino

Dana Perino has a sense of humor. Who knew? The Daily Show brings it out. Remember Men in Black..?

By |2009-01-20T20:25:01-04:00January 20th, 2009|Bush Administration, The Daily Show|Comments Off on TDS – final message from Dana Perino

Paris Hilton's Rebuttal

So, who knew that Paris Hilton had a sense of humor? Who knew that it appears that she has a brain? She doesn’t attack John McCain but she does poke a stick at him. Her energy plan…wait. I’ll stop there. I’m not going to seriously consider a Paris Hilton energy plan. I can’t do it.

By |2008-08-06T19:28:39-04:00August 6th, 2008|Election 2008, Energy|Comments Off on Paris Hilton's Rebuttal
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