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Samantha Power should be considered for post

In a particularly pointless article, the Washington Post notes that Samantha Power “is listed on Obama’s transition website as part of the team reviewing national security agencies.” Really? Samantha Power is an especially gifted woman. As a journalist and war correspondent she covered wars in the former Yugoslavia and has reported from Sudan, East Timor, Rwanda and Zimbabwe. She is the Anna Lindh Professor of Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. I had the pleasure of listening to Professor Power speak at Netroots Nation this summer. She thoughtfully discussed how we needed to get out of Iraq while we try to ameliorate any human rights issues. In spite of pushback from the audience, she held her ground and clearly stated her opposition, policy which we should have. We need to get out of Iraq as expeditiously as possible while protecting the citizen population. This is a no-brainer.

In the age of forgiving Joe Lieberman for his multiple sins and inviting Hillary Clinton, former blood thirsty rival, to run the State Department, it seems only fitting that Professor Samantha Power is in the mix. Back in March she described Senator Clinton as a “monster” and “the amount of deceit that she has put forward is really unattractive.” When you compare this to what Joe Lieberman said about President-elect Barack Obama, what she said is meaningless. Besides that, she was 100% accurate.

Barack Obama appears to be seeking the best and the brightest. This means that in any discussion about the State Department and foreign policy should include a possible post for Samantha Power. She is one of the best of brightest progressives Americans. Winning a Pulitzer Prize for her book entitled A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide doesn’t hurt.

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Hillary's Grand Slam

Oh, the talking heads were talking. Oh my, were their lips flapping. They said Senator Hillary Clinton wasn’t capable of fully supporting democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. They said the Clintons were going to fracture the party. They asked why the Clintons were invited to speak in the first place? There was a ton of nauseating commentary with no substance, just filling air-time.

From her opening paragraph, Clinton made it clear that she was supporting Barack Obama and she wanted her supports to get behind Obama also.

I am honored to be here tonight. A proud mother. A proud Democrat. A proud American. And a proud supporter of Barack Obama.

She went on to say …

I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me? Or were you in it for that young Marine and others like him? Were you in it for that mom struggling with cancer while raising her kids? Were you in it for that boy and his mom surviving on the minimum wage? Were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?

We need leaders once again who can tap into that special blend of American confidence and optimism that has enabled generations before us to meet our toughest challenges. Leaders who can help us show ourselves and the world that with our ingenuity, creativity, and innovative spirit, there are no limits to what is possible in America.

This won’t be easy. Progress never is. But it will be impossible if we don’t fight to put a Democrat in the White House.

We need to elect Barack Obama…

Clinton went the extra mile. She made it clear that she was on the team bus and wanted her supporters to join her on that bus. Her speech was perfect. She talked about why she wanted to run and why she now supports Obama. She hit President Bush and Senator John McCain with several excellent lines (suggesting that she will be an excellent campaigner in the fall for Obama). Any speech that can mention Harriett Tubman, the woman’s suffrage movement and universal health care is a great speech in my book. Clinton hit this one out of the park. Outstanding!!!

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Obama and Hillary on stage

I’m not going to get a long wind up. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in Unity, New Hampshire.

First, Senator Hillary Clinton. Senator Clinton was thoughtful and graceful. This is going to work because it has to work.

“Senator John McCain and President George Bush are two sides of the same coin which don’t add up for a whole lot of change.”

Next, Senator Barack Obama. In a phrase – Hillary Clinton rocks.

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