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Selling the War

In spite of President Bush saying that the Democrats don’t support the troops, he seems to be the one who is not supporting the troops.

  • Extending tours of duty
  • Walter Reed
  • Veteran funding cuts every year of his presidency
  • Rumsfeld’s terrible leadership after the fall of Baghdad
  • Tommy Frank’s terrible leadership – he never acknowledged the Fedayeen he thought that they were nothing more than a “speed bump” o the way to Baghdad
  • Staying the course when a new strategy was needed
  • Not sending enough troops
  • No rush for IED proof vehicles
  • Relieving Jay Garner with L. Paul Bremmer who did more to stoke the fire of the insurgency than anyone else
  • Not holding early elections
  • Formally disbanding the Iraq Army

The President said nothing new tonight. For that matter, he hasn’t said anything new since…Mission Accomplished.

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