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Mumbai finally over

The insanity of these terrorists can not be overstated. Were they born yesterday? Did they think that they could hold hostages and then walk free? Did they think that their demands were going to be met? Did they not learn anything from the multiple kidnappings in the late 1970s?

From MSNBC: This seaside city of 18 million has bounced back from wrenching tragedy before, but after the most brazen terrorist attack in India’s history, the people of Mumbai are worried.

In crowded trains, corner stores, office buildings and neighborhood parks, residents ask each other the same questions. “Is anyone safe?” and “Could it happen again?”

The 60-hour siege ended Saturday, claiming at least 195 lives in attacks at 10 landmarks across Mumbai. The three-day ordeal spread fear and grief across a city that attracts newcomers by the hundreds every day.

“There is a limit a city can take,” said Ayesha Dar, a 33-year-old homemaker. “This is a very, very different kind of fear. It will be some time before things get back to normal.”

Dar glanced at a message on her mobile phone that said her children’s school would reopen Monday.

Police shut down most of the city’s “soft targets,” including schools and movie theaters, after the siege began late Wednesday night.

The movie theaters in this film-crazy city are usually packed and attendance levels creeping up would indicate that life is returning to normal. But cinema workers say that could be a while. (more… )

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Logan Freed After Being Wrongly Jailed for 26 Years

Many of my conservative friends believe in capital punishment. They believe in their core that it is the right thing to do. In contrast, I hear stories like Alton Logan’s and I know that we are fallible, that we make mistakes. I know that good lawyers can get their guilty clients off and bad lawyers have trouble keeping their innocent clients out of jail.

So, this brings us to Mr. Alton Logan, whowas accused of shooting and killing a security guard in 1982. It is unclear from reports how Logan came to the attention of the police, but he was arrested and tried for this murder. His mother and brother were his alibis, saying that he was at home asleep in bed. His defense was that he was asleep. Heck, I know the end of this tale and even I don’t believe he was asleep. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Logan always said that he didn’t do it.

Twenty-six years later, two lawyers came forward with an affidavit from the time of his trial. Their client, Andrew Wilson, told the lawyers that he committed the crime. But because these lawyers represented Wilson, they were ethically bound not to say anything. They were quiet for 26 years.

Although Bob Simon tries to beat up the lawyers for not coming forward before now, they did do the right thing.

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