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What secrets hide in the Nixon Library

The Nixon Presidential Library was handed over to the National Archives a couple of weeks ago.

From WaPo:

The privately operated Richard M. Nixon Library & Birthplace was officially handed over to federal archivists yesterday, and researchers can pore over documents and tapes detailing “the good, the bad and the ugly” on the 37th president and his legacy.

After a simple opening ceremony, library officials and docents shared champagne and cake before moving to the research room to view 78,000 newly released Nixon papers and listen to 11 1/2 hours of audio tape.

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Too Many Secrets

This sounds like that 1992 movie with Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier, Sneakers.  Unfortunately, it is true.  The government is keeping too much of our information.  Congress needs to get busy.  No summer recess.  There are post-9/11 laws to overturn.  There are rights to restore.  There is a constitution to uphold.  There is a war to end and a president to impeach.

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