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Super Bowl: Seattle Cruises to Victory

Wow. This game was like a dream for the fans of the Seattle Seahawks. Everything, almost, went right for them. For the Denver Broncos, this is a nightmare that they haven’t seen in decades. For all practical purposes, this game was over with a minute left in the 2nd quarter.

The Super Bowl, probably more than any other game, is all about momentum. Momentum started with the Seattle Seahawks and basically continue to build, build and build some more. I’m not sure how the Denver Broncos could’ve started the game any worse. How do you start the game, your first offensive play, with a safety? Then, after the Denver Broncos punted the ball to the Seattle Seahawks, Denver desperately needed to make some sort of play. They simply didn’t. The Seattle Seahawks slowly and methodically moved the ball down the field and scored field goal. The game was 5-0. Now, finally, the Denver Broncos offense got the ball. They desperately needed to make some sort of play. Something. They did nothing. After 3 plays, they were forced to punt. The ball went back to the Seattle Seahawks and once again Denver asked their defense to do something. Simply put, the Denver Broncos were unable to make a play. They did keep the Seattle Seahawks out of the end zone but not off the scoreboard. It was 8-0.

Momentum firmly wearing the seafoam green of the Seattle Seahawks, the Denver Broncos had their 3rd offense of possession. Manning threw a short pass to Wes Welker for 5 yards. For some reason, Denver ran a lot of draw plays as well as passes. On 2nd and 5, Denver ran a draw for only 2 yards. At the 3rd down and with 3 yards to go, Peyton Manning got significant pressure off the edge and his arm was hit as he stood on the ball. The ball was intercepted by Chancellor. 9 plays later the Seattle Seahawks scored their first touchdown. Game over. (more…)

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Super Bowl – What Might Happen

Let me start by saying we have been treated to some GREAT football over the last three weeks. This is what the playoffs are all about. The Seattle Seahawks got thru the playoffs with the best defense in the NFL. They have simply crushed those who stood in their way. I don’t think that it is surprising or remarkable that Seattle made it to the Super Bowl. They have been the best team in NFC since week one. The Denver Broncos, on the other hand, have looked unbeatable at times and then have stumbled. During the Dallas game the Broncos secondary was awful, but Manning pulled out a win. During the Patriots game, the Denver defense got steamrolled in the second half and Peyton couldn’t save them. Then during the playoffs, Denver seemed to gel as a team. It wasn’t just Peyton Manning pulling the offense along. The whole team played well in order to beat the Patriots who were really never in the game.

Seattle wins – The Seattle Seahawks don’t have the fire power to score with the Broncos. Their defense is going to have to figure out a way to get Peyton off the field on the third down. On offense the Seahawks are going to have rely on Mayshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson extending plays and allowing his receivers to get open. They are going to have to shorten the game by eating the clock. I also think that Seattle will have to figure out a way to manufacture one or two additional scores. A reverse or a flea-flicker. Maybe Mayshawn will throw a half-back option. Seattle can NOT turn the football over.

Denver wins – The Denver defense must make Russell Wilson throw short and intermediate routes. His receivers aren’t that good. They can get down the field and make plays but they can’t seem to make those hard inside catches. I have no idea what kind of impact Percy Harvin will have on the game. He is a dynamic player who has been out most of the season. Denver did a great job at shutting down the Patriot running backs, though I think they will have a harder time with Marshawn Lynch who will bound them all day long. Denver should be able to run blitz in order to stuff the running lanes because none of the Seattle receivers (expect for Harvin) have scary speed. I think that Peyton should try to play keep away just like he did with Tom Brady. The Broncos had long time eating drives which ended in points. Peyton needs to do the exact same thing. This should keep Marshawn on the bench and keep his defense fresh. Look for Peyton to exploit the middle of the field with Wes Welker and their tight end Julius Thomas. I think that Peyton will stay away from Seattle’s great corners if he can. Denver can’t afford to turn the ball over. Momentum in the Super Bowl is weird. This is a game that can quickly get out of control with just one play.

I give Denver the edge in this game. I think that if both teams play well, it should be a great game. Enjoy. (Oh, there were some who were praying for bad weather – rain, snow, sleet, typhoon. Shame on you!!!! According to the Weather Channel, the high on Sunday should be 66 degrees. 10% chance of rain. Should be good football weather!!!) Let the best team win.

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NFL: NFC championship – Seahawks

I was extremely apprehensive about Sunday’s football games. Basically, from my standpoint, we have been treated to football nirvana for the past two weeks. Wildcard weekend was fabulous. If possible, division weekend was even better. This was real NFL football. If you made a mistake, most likely you were going to pay for it. There was hard hitting. There’s actually quarterback play. This was the best the NFL has to offer. So I was apprehensive, skittish, even a little bit nervous about watching football that was less entertaining. Then, I had an opportunity to watch Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos completely dismantle the New England Patriots. As my 81-year-old mother said, “Peyton Manning was a surgeon.” She was right. I felt that there was no way that the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers would be able to live up to all of the hype. Thankfully, I was wrong.

This game was all about defense. Neither offense was really all that effective. Defense, defense and more defense. Both offenses truly got pummeled. The awesome running attack of the San Francisco 49ers was completely squelched. Frank Gore, consistently one of the hardest running backs in the league, had only 14 yards on 11 carries. The only bright spot in the running game for the San Francisco 49ers was Colin Kaepernick. The Seattle Seahawks did not do much better. Marshawn Lynch did break a couple of runs but for the most part he was completely bottled up. He ended up with 109 yards on 22 carries, including his 40 yard touchdown run which was a thing of beauty. (more…)

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