Searching for a message

Missouri, Virginia are still out.  Tennessee goes to the Republicans.  So, what do we know?  I’m not sure that we know anything more now then we knew in January.  Iraq is a big deal but there are more issues out there.  The American people are starting to wake from their dreamy sleep.  Americans are starting to get involved and are starting to be aware of the issues that are effecting their lives. 

The one thing that is clear the era of the conservativism has ended.  The Bush era has ended at least I hope it has.

Democrats will have to lead.  Look for a rise in the minimum wage.  What will we do on Iraq?  Immediate push to simply pull out?  Phased withdrawal?  Will Bush actually work with the Democrats to save his presidency or will he dig his heels in?  Rumsfeld?  Is he now out?

It is going to interesting.