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Cowboys-Saints game blog

Cowboys lost the toss. New Orleans will open with a swing pass to Bush. BTW, why is Matt Millan calling this game? He’s worst than awful. Bob Papa – who is this guy? This isn’t the first team. Saints open with a three and out. This is good. Tony Romo throws a nice ball to Felix Jones for a first down.  Romo to Miles Austin with GREAT blocking from the offensive line. TD! What the heck? The Saints serve up another three and out. Dallas ball. Barber right then Barber left. Romo hits Roy Williams (whom I have cut several times)

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The Great Louis Armstrong

This was recorded at the famous Newport Jazz Festival back in 1958. This is his set. Four great tunes. He was a master. Artist: Louis Armstrong Tune: Up the Lazy River, Tiger Rag, Rockin’ Chair (with Jack Teagarden), When the Saints Go Marchin’

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Colts and Saints move on in the playoffs

    Yesterday was one of those magical days in the National Football League. Days like Saturday did not come around that often anymore. One of the reasons that Saturday was special was because it was the playoffs. More importantly, both for the game Saturday were good games. Since parity was achieved in the NFL, mediocrity has reigned. Every team has a couple of marquee players. Almost every team has an opportunity to win on any given Sunday. This is clearly a good thing if you live in someplace like Phoenix or Tampa. These teams have been chronically mediocre. “Parity” has

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