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What would Barack Obama have said to America?

The good news is that we don’t have to guess what Barack Obama would say.  Keith Olbermann interviews Barack Obama after the SOTU.  One of the best questions was whether the Kennedy endorsement stole the moment from the President and his State of the Union address.  I think that the answer is clearly yes.  Obama and the Kennedy’s and American University sucked the wind out of the President and his address.

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Greenspan said what

The man is almost 80 years old.  He has been out of office for over a year.  Yet, he remains a superstar.  His 60 Minutes interview was wide ranging and good.  His new book released yesterday says that the Iraq War was over oil.  No duh!!!  Yet, he is back tracking on the Today show.  I’m sure that some one in the Bush Administration called him and asked him to soften his comments because what he says on TV is more important than what he says in a book that 99% of Americans will not read.

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Iraq: He said, He said

Here’s the bottom-line in Iraq – Are Iraqi refugees returning in large numbers? If the violence in Iraq has been squashed then the refugees who are in Jordan, Syria and Turkey will return. They aren’t wanted where they are. So, as Bush and the Neocons argue that the Surge is working and Hillary, Biden and Obama argue that the Iraqi government hasn’t really done anything, just listen for a story on returning refugees. If you don’t hear one, there is a reason for that. Safety hasn’t significantly improved in Iraq. ——– From MSNBC.com: President Bush’s war strategy is failing and the

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