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Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Tuesday Evening News Roundup After the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the debate on gun control is renewed. As I’ve mentioned many times before, there is no right in the Constitution that is absolute. Every right that is granted to us in the Constitution has caveats. The ban on assault weapons did not seem to hurt anyone in the United States. Gun owners didn’t seem to suffer. It seems to me that an AR – 15 should have restricted access. It seems that Pastor Rick Warren would like to have another presidential debate. In my opinion, President Obama and his team

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Obama angers many with choice of Warren

As everyone knows by now, Barack Obama has chosen the hugely successful but quite controversial Reverend Rick Warren to perform the opening invocation at his inauguration. The gay and lesbian community has been outraged over this choice. It has been noted that on his website he has stated that unrepentant homosexuals will not be accepted as members of his Saddleback Church. These harsh statements have disappeared from his website, but does this mean that the Reverend Warren has changed his mind about homosexuality? I doubt it. This has become a very big deal in the Progressive community. The dustup over Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich really did

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