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Why is Clinton still Running?

Before I get some hate comments from Senator Hillary Clinton supporters: I don’t hate Clinton. I have spoken out against unfair Rove-like tactics. Now, with that out of the way… Politico.com seems to have always leaned toward the right but there was an interesting article today. The article has been widely quoted by Daily Kos. In this article, Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei ask why the press is saying there is still as race in the Democractic Party. I have written about Clinton and her real uphill battle; winning really isn’t possible without superdelegate intervention. ———– From Politico.com: One big fact

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Bloomberg not running, Nader running

I’m sorry. I couldn’t even blog on Ralph Nader. He’s a good man with good ideas but he has no chance of being elected. None. I think that Mike Gravel has more of a chance than Ralph Nader. For Progressives that have feared an independent getting into the race, stop whining. Focus on the task at hand. Focus on nominating someone who will unify the country. Focus on someone who shares our values. Focus. In other news, Michael Bloomberg with his Billion dollar portfolio, has decided not to run for president. Bloomberg is an interesting guy. He was a democrat then

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Bloomberg thinking about running, again

Michael Bloomberg is thinking about running for President, again.  He has been rumored to be in…out…in…out.  Personally, I don’t have a billion or so dollars burning a hole in my pocket.  I find something sickening in the fact that you have an edge in politics if you’re rich.  The one thing that Bloomberg says that makes since is that we need to change business as usual.  Glenn Greenwald has a great rundown on how Bloomberg was down with the war.  He supported Israels incursion into Lebanon.  Bloomberg isn’t an independant he is a Republican or even a NeoCon-Lite.  That can’t be

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