Latest from Camp Clinton

I’m sure that tens of thousands of us are on Senator Hillary Clinton’s mailing list. I’m on her mailing list (in addition to lists for Senator Barack Obama and John Edwards). I just got another email from the Clinton campaign. It is interesting that back in January through March, I would get only one or two emails from Clinton’s campaign per week (Obama’s camp would email three to four times per week). Now that the race is really over, I’m getting about four emails per week.

The theme in this latest email is two-fold. First, she says “I can win.” Secondly, she sends a plea for more money. If I can’t bend my mind around the first item, then I will not be sending any money.

In her opening paragraph: “We are depending on the voters of Puerto Rico in our fight to secure the nomination.” How does Puerto Rico help her in any way? How does Puerto Rico give Clinton enough delegates to win the nomination? It doesn’t. In her next to the last paragraph, she says, “We can finish the primary races strong and win the nomination.” Again, I must ask how?

The only way that Clinton can win the Democratic nomination is if the Rules and Regulation Committee, which meets on Saturday, changes the rules of this contest or the superdelegates decide to mass defect from Obama to Clinton, which would cause the Democratic party to begin seizing.

Will Clinton try and take this fight to the floor of the Democratic Convention? How is that helpful to anyone who is a Democrat– besides Clinton?