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Louisiana tells us what we already knew – Romney is weak

Angry at the wrong person

Maybe this is a test for liberals. How is it that conservatives have put together the worst field in a generation and no one from the conservative side is fixing the problem? You have Karl Rove and Dick Armey. These are conservative thinkers. Where’s their solution to Romney, who really, really wants to be president but has the pizzazz of Erkel? There is Ron Paul, who appeals to three to five percent of conservatives. He is consistent, but consistency isn’t the only virtue that Americans are looking for. Gingrich. I’m not sure where to start with him. He was the “thoughtful conservative.” He was the one who would speak the truth (sort of). He said that global warming was a real deal. Now, not so much. I’m not even sure if he knows what he is saying. He seems to be a punch-drunk fighter who is simply swinging wildly at everyone and everything. Romney is milquetoast. He can’t stand firm on any issue. The fact that conservatives aren’t embracing him shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

From TPM:

Rick Santorum easily won the Louisiana primary Saturday — but it may be too late to make much of a difference.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting in Louisiana, Santorum had 49 percent, Romney 26.7 percent, Gingrich 15.9 percent and Paul 6 percent, according to the Associated Press. CNN, Fox News, NBC and CBS projected Santorum the winner as soon as polls closed, based on an overwhelming lead in exit polls.

The Louisiana primary uses a proportional system for delegates, with a minimum threshold of 25 percent for candidates. Romney will therefore still gain some delegates, bringing him closer to the magic number 1,144 needed for nomination, and in either case will maintain his wide delegate lead over Santorum.

Oh, and did you see that Rick Santorum was showing off his macho’ness at a shooting range in West Monroe. While he was proving that he has much more testosterone than Mitt “I shoot varmints” Romney, a lady shouted “pretend (the target) is Obama.” Santorum didn’t hear the comment since he was wearing headphones to protect his ears. (Can you be macho and wear ear protection? I’m just askin’) He later denounced the comment. But seriously, what is this about? We get into this ridiculously stupid mindset that it is our side against their side. We have to win at all costs. If we don’t win all will be lost. Garbage. I have spent more time that I would like to admit to in Monroe and West Monroe Louisiana. There are some very good people down there and many of them are struggling. It doesn’t matter who is in office. They are working hard and getting nowhere. I can tell you that there are few who are getting ahead and they (those few) seem to get ahead no matter who is in office. Republican or Democrat. Look no further than Wall Street and others who do high finance. They are making money hand over fist and are robbing America blind. They are very, very good at suctioning money out of our wallets. Half the time you don’t even know who robbed you. At the end of the day, all you know is that you don’t have any money to show for all of your hard work. then Rush or Sean convince you that the problem is Blacks, Hispanics or/and Democrats. Before you know it, you are yelling something very stupid at a campaign rally. So sad.

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Tuesday Morning News RoundUp

Pardon me if I sleep my way through Super Tuesday. The only thing that is super about today is the fact that the media has gotta do everything that they can to try to prop up Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and maybe even Ron Paul. If Mitt Romney wins by a landslide then there’s nothing else to cover until after each party has their national convention. Billions of dollars of ad revenue will be lost. We wouldn’t want to have that. So, let’s pretend like this is really a race and sit riveted to our television sets this evening. It’s all fake surprise as Rick Santorum will come close, yes, but still will have failed miserably again tonight. (BTW, how are you a real candidate and you’re not on the ballot in Virginia? Seriously?) The problem is that this is the worst Republican field in probably more than 20 years. The media and everybody else is trying to get us to “understand” that this is a very close race. Whatever.

Women are getting screwed.

Playing the part of the old crotchety grandfather is John McCain. On cue, he called for America to bomb Syria into submission.

Donald Payne

Representative Donald Payne, the first African-American to represent New Jersey in Congress has died early this morning at age 77. My heart goes out to his family.

A new study suggests that digital healthcare records may not cut costs. Personally, I thought that the data suggesting that healthcare will get a windfall from digitizing its records was naïve at best. Simply putting all paper records into some digital format was a gargantuan task. Then, figuring out how to get that information into a readable format for doctors and other healthcare professionals is an ongoing problem.

Did you know that there are some people that believe that Vladimir Putin may have engineered his reelection? Shocking.

It seems that Newt Gingrich has some anger management issues. There seems to be an overtone of bitterness in his campaign. Maybe, just maybe, it might be because he was running to prove that he’s a legitimate force in Washington only to find out that he’s really not a legitimate force in Washington.

A new bill has been introduced in the Ohio State Legislature which would make men undergo psychological screening before being able to get a prescription. 🙂

It looks like the United States, Iran and several other countries have agreed to nuclear talks. I think the US and the rest of the world understand that these talks are nothing more than a delaying tactic. Iran really, really wants to get into the nuclear club. That’s not going to happen.

What stories are you following?

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Tuesday Morning News Roundup

Today voters go to the polls in Michigan and Arizona. We’ve had 20 debates and over a year of campaigning for some candidates. Who would’ve thought that Michigan was going to be a key state? In 2008, Mitt Romney smoked his Republican competition. Since then, he came out firmly against the auto bailout. Yet, by all accounts, the auto bailout not only worked but worked fabulously well. So, instead of admitting a mistake, he and the other Republican candidates have doubled and tripled down on the Let Michigan Die, free-market rhetoric. If Mitt Romney loses Michigan, his home state, a state where his father was governor, his candidacy is in real trouble.

President Obama proposes cutting corporate tax rates and closing corporate loopholes. There is no doubt that we need to fix our corporate tax system. The Tax Policy Center produced the following graph.

Newt has one. Ron Paul has one. Romney has several. Even Rick Santorum has his own billionaire. Can I have my own billionaire, too?

Could it be that Governor Scott Walker is resigned to the fact that he’s going to be recalled? He has declined to challenge signatures ahead of Monday’s deadline. It looks like the recall election will have a date set some time next week.

The deadly shooting in Ohio is such a tragedy. A second teenager has died. Once again, we are at a loss. I would caution everybody against overanalysis.

It takes a special kind of thief to scam a nun. Lowlife.

It appears that sleeping pills are associated with a fourfold increase in premature death. This details of the study can be found here.

Omega-3-fatty acids are associated with more brainpower and are shown to retard brain aging. I’m going back for a second helping of fish!

A new political action committee has formed in order to combat anti-choice legislators.

I’ll be the first to admit that I really do not understand gas prices. Back in 2007 and 2008, I interviewed some oil “experts” who talked about supply and demand and world supply and refinery production. They sort of really made sense. World demand has increased. This is clear. American utilization of oil has decreased dramatically over the last two years. Yet we have seen a steady rise in oil prices over that timeframe. Instability in the Middle East, in my opinion, has been the same for over the past 40 years. It is an unstable part of the world. Whether it is Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela or somewhere else, some oil country is threatening to cut off the supply almost all the time. So what economic force can be conjured up to explain the recent spike in oil prices? Oil speculators? These are the guys with the, to quote Alan Greenspan, “irrational exuberance?” I should pay an extra 25 or 50 cents per gallon because these guys get a wild hair? A federal judge is looking into these oil speculators. Just to confuse matters even more, another expert is telling us that this oil price spike shouldn’t be that bad because other fuel prices are relatively low.

Canadian company decides to go ahead with the Keystone pipeline.

Internal workings of the German government may cause problems in the Eurozone bailout. You didn’t think that this would be easy, did you?

Climate change and increasing volcanic activity.

I’m not sure what that was at the Daytona 500. Texting during the race? Crashes. Then we had more crashes. Why race at night? Isn’t there better lighting during the day? Wouldn’t you want the best and fastest conditions for the best race in the US?

Thoughts? What stories are you following?

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