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Obama continues his roll

Do you remember after the Iowa caucus? You remember feeling that Barack Obama was going to roll through New Hampshire and the rest of the election season? Well, that feeling came crashing down quite quickly. Reality, meaning the voters of New Hampshire, raised its head. I have that same feeling now. I’m waiting for reality to return. Hillary Clinton appears to be in a free fall. She lost all four contests over the weekend. There was no good way to spin that. Nothing. Her campaign manager “steps down.” I have never seen a campaign manager step down for “family reasons” but I guess that’s possible. I think that it is more likely that she was asked to go.

Today as Barack was continuing his winning streak, Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Texas, her last stand. There is something odd about a Democrat placing their hopes and dreams one of the most Republican states, the home state of George W. Bush, Texas. Where is Molly Ivins when you need her? I’m sure that she would have some thoughtful quip that would be perfect right now. While Hillary was re-inventing herself, I’m guessing that she thought her deputy campaign manager, Mike Henry, bowed out. Are these rats leaving a sinking ship or are they dead weight that you need to throw overboard in order to cut through the water faster? I don’t know the answer.

BTW, Barack did win Maryland, Virginia and DC. Not one of the contests were close. If Hillary is not in trouble, she is doing her best to make it seem that way.

Way in the back of your mind, don’t forget about John Edwards. Bill Clinton has been to John Edwards’ house over the weekend. Barack was scheduled to go on Sunday or Monday but reporters got wind of the trip and had the house staked out. These negotiations are important. Edwards had a fair number of passionate supporters that could help Barack or Hillary.

For the Republicans John McCain continues to grind Mike Huckabee into the ground. Little by little. Although some of the contests were close, McCain won Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Here’s Barack’s Victory speech:

Here’s Hillary’s Speech:

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Cowboys roll over Jets

I thought that this was going to be one of those games that sneak up on a good team. I thought that the Dallas Cowboys would come out flat against the New York Jets. This was the perfect “gotcha” game. The Jets have not really looked that good in any of their wins (all 3 of them). Next week the Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers. So, the Boyz could have been caught looking ahead.

In spite of parity, the league has settled into top tier, a middle tier and the bottom. While there can be a little discussion about where a particular team is in this classification, most teams will fit neatly into one category or the other. Therefore the league isn’t quite as exciting … I’m not sure that exciting is the right word. Unpredictable. That’s better. The Colts, Cowboys, Packers and Patriots are clearly the best teams in the league. (more…)

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