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Ricin Investigation – Getting Stranger

So, the last time I talked about this ricin investigation, the FBI had some Elvis impersonator from Mississippi in custody. That was so yesterday… Paul Kevin Curtis was the man who was arrested. The FBI and the news media let us to believe that this was an open and shut case. Not so fast. Paul Kevin Curtis is now out on bail. The FBI is currently ransacking (carefully searching) the house of Everett Dutschke. This case is getting stranger and stranger. From WaPo: Everett Dutschke said in a phone interview with The Associated Press that the FBI was at his home

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Thursday Evening News Roundup

News Roundup I’m traveling today. I have been busy, but I have also been a little depressed. I didn’t feel like posting anything. I was watching the events in Boston and then I was trying to figure out the Ricin thing. I mean, what the hell? Then a factory blows up and basically levels a whole town. Seriously? Oh, Texas has cut their government services (remember, business doesn’t need oversight) back so far that this plant hasn’t been inspected since 2006. Is that date correct? 2006? The Senate forgets its first responsibility, protect its citizens, and holds up sensible gun legislation.

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What's Going On: News Round Up

I’m going to try to do a daily report of the major items, but I have this day job that might prevent me from doing this regularly. In case you missed it, all of those high-tech computer geeks who were laughing at those video game programmers, aren’t laughing any more. Grand Theft Auto IV raked in $500 million in sales in its first week. Is China that different than Myanmar, where some aid has been reportedly stolen? Is China letting in international aid workers? It appears that the weather is better. Helicopters and soldiers have finally reached the epicenter of the

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