Wednesday Morning News Roundup

  • Mitt Romney has proved himself to be the Republican front-runner by pulling in $18.25 million. He still seems to be confused about whether the Obama administration made the economy worse or not because he’s flip-flopped.
  • I don’t understand the country’s conniption over the Casey Anthony verdict. Some people were simply apoplectic. We need to get a grab on reality. We need to be upset over Republicans’ refusal to renew the debt ceiling. We need to be upset at the fact that Republicans are refusing to stimulate job growth which would ease the symptoms of this economic slowdown for millions of Americans. We need to focus less on the sensational trials and more on the fact that jobs are being shipped overseas and wages are stagnant and have been for more than 20 years.

  • Huge dust storm envelops Phoenix. The airport was shut down for over an hour. Now, that’s a dust storm.
  • Mentally deranged man is being detained for mental health evaluation after threatening to kill the President.
  • When I was on the air regularly, there are times when I was talking and it seemed to me that I was not as engaged in what I was talking about as I should’ve been. I think the same thing happen to Republican presidential candidate and former Senator Rick Santorum. He stated, on-air, that “they (the Obama administration) created only 240 million jobs.” Misspeaking is not his only problem. The problem is that his error was pointed out and he doggedly stuck to it. He didn’t realize that he was off by a factor of 100. The total number of jobs in the United States is only about 130 million. Our population is only 311 million. To me, the take-home lesson is be aware of the facts and if you make a mistake correct it.
  • To everyone who follow sports, it was clear that Roger Clemens had taken some sort of performance enhancing drug. Yet, he sat in front of Congress and simply lied. Now, his trial for perjury begins. I think it is a separate question whether drugs should or should not be allowed in professional sports. The question is should you be able to sit in front of Congress and lie like Jim Carrey‘s character in the movie Liar Liar.
  • America’s education system is in a sad state of affairs. Many students are not learning the information that is necessary to make them successful in this hyper-competitive, technology-based society. So, it is extremely disheartening to find out that over 150 teachers and principals in Atlanta have been caught up in a cheating scandal. As a reflex, I would like to take the side of the hard-working teachers and principals, but there really is no excuse. I understand they’ve been put under increased scrutiny and pressure and have not been given the resources to adequately complete their tasks, but there is no excuse.
  • American businesses are sitting on cash. A lot of this cash could be used to expand business and hire workers but it isn’t happening.

  • A study by the Labor Department was supposed come out four years ago. This study was supposed (may need a subscription) to look at workers who have lost their jobs and have been “retrained” to qualify for higher paying jobs. I’m not sure we need to study. I think it is pretty clear that once a middle-aged worker loses a manufacturing job the majority of these workers end up in the service sector which cuts their pay approximately in half.
  • A new study questions whether too many angioplasties are performed in United States. All I know is if I’m having chest pain and I have other signs and symptoms of a heart attack I want an angioplasty by a qualified cardiologist because that could save my life. Also, when you have a patient that comes back to the ER with recurrent chest pain and you can’t find an etiology and cardiology is finally consult it and finds a mild coronary artery lesion should they stent that as the possible problem for the chest pain? I’m just asking.
  • The online magazine Mother Jones has a section of a huge graphic called Capital Gain which simply asks the question of whether Congress can really represent the American people. With the median net worth of American families being approximately $120,000 and the median net worth of the members of Congress being $912,000. In our general population one and 22 Americans are millionaires. In Congress, nearly half of every congressman is a millionaire. The combined net worth of the top 10 members (richest members) is $2.8 billion. All 10 of these members voted to extend the Bush tax cuts. So, does Congress represent us?

So what articles are you following? So what’s on your mind?