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Monday Evening News Roundup

Former Obama law professor says that the president must be defeated in 2012. It appears that the president is not “progressive” enough.

Roger Clemens is found not guilty of lying to Congress. I would still bet all the money in my wallet right now that Roger Clemens took steroids for long periods of time while playing baseball.

Webb Simpson won the U.S. Open. Nobody predicted Webb Simpson. Tiger Woods faltered on the opening five holes. Jim Furyk and Graeme McDowell faltered down the stretch. It was extremely hard to hit approach shots close to the hole. Therefore long range putts were required for birdies. Congratulations to 26-year-old Webb Simpson.

Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh powered the Heat to victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Once again, this went down with Russell Westbrook shooting less than 50% of the field. If Kevin Durant is a superstar (and he is) how does he get these dumb little fouls that are never called on Lebron or Wade or any other superstar in the league? I’m just askin’.

I have no idea what’s going on in Egypt. I know I have typed this exact same line several times over the last year and a half. I’m still confused.

Greece looks like they voted to stay in the European Union, but problems persist. Paul Krugman has an excellent article on Greece, which includes the facts and the lies about Greece. (Psst, the Greeks aren’t lazy.)

Republicans have the problem with the word vagina.

An Obama Outhouse? Well, that’s over the top. Leave it to state Republicans to push the envelope somewhere it should have never been pushed – ever.

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Sunday Evening News Roundup

  • It is hard for me to be disappointed in the US women’s soccer team. I’m not sure who thought they were going to the finals of the World Cup, I certainly didn’t. I’m sorry they lost. I’m glad they played as well as they did. What with baseball mired in what Roger Clemens’ says on-again and off-again trial and with football and basketball neck-deep in labor disputes, it was nice to see some United States court in which the athletes excelled. (Oh, I should add the British Open, in which Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson were all within striking distance and all faded at the end. Congratulations to Darren Clarke.)
  • Being close to President Karzai seems to decrease your life expectancy. Another close advisor has been killed in Afghanistan. We need to get out of there.
  • A leading herbicide promoted as environmentally friendly seems to be killing trees. That’s not good.
  • The News Corp scandal continues to grow. Even Fox News talked about it today. The head of Scotland Yard has resigned. Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. Somebody get me some popcorn, please. I’m gonna sit back and watch this.
  • It appears the president is not going to nominate liberal favorite, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Instead, he’s nominated someone I’ve never heard of. This time, the president has rolled with the political wind and we all are going to suffer for it. It is hard to imagine anyone who is as smart and as tough as Elizabeth Warren. We knew that she would actually look out for the American People.
  • How is it that Michele Bachmann only raised $3.6 million? I don’t understand. Herman Cain only raised $2.6 million.
  • Dallas was going to give 100 families vouchers for low-income housing. Over 5000 people showed up. It was chaos and sad; only by the grace of God did no one get seriously hurt. It reminded me of the general admission seating to a Who concert at which 11 people died as eager fans pushed their way in to the arena.
  • Finally, in the category of you really can’t get much dumber than this – Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams sent a $75,000 engagement ring through the mail. She said no and kept the ring. First of all, how do you buy a $75,000 ring for somebody if you don’t know the answer is going to be yes? Secondly, how do you send a $75,000 ring through the mail? You don’t deliver that bad boy in person? If you can afford to send a $75,000 ring to a woman who’s going to turn you down, you need your head examined.
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Friday Morning News Roundup

  • A couple of days ago, I talked about the craziness of our politics. I simply don’t understand why we are arguing over the debt ceiling. Sure, the Republicans think that they have the advantage and could get some cuts in some programs (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security: programs they’ve hated since their inception). They are playing with our credit and our ability to borrow. This is just nuts.
  • It looks like this shutdown of the Minnesota state government is over. I’m not sure if the citizens of Minnesota have won or lost in this battle.
  • How did the prosecutor botch the Roger Clemens trial?
  • At the British Open, nothing went as expected. Tom Lewis, an amateur, shares the lead.
  • US women beat France to advance to the finals of the World Cup. Women’s soccer. Who would’ve thought that this is the best sport for anybody to watch in America today.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has proposed one of the craziest ideas about raising the debt ceiling without actually voting for raising the debt ceiling. This is a whole lot of mental energy so that Republicans don’t look like they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.
  • In Afghanistan, President Karzai’s half brother was gunned down yesterday.

I gotta run. What’s on your mind? What stories are you following? What stories am I missing?

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