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I rock me, Petraeus

We have all been waiting for the Petraeus Report. Jon Stewart points out again that the major networks are asleep at the wheel. Although Petraeus has stated that the wrote the report himself, it is clear that the outline of his report was pure White House. Please note in this clip how key phrases that the president and other officials have been stating for months now show up in Petraeus’ Report.

Please note the Keys of Success. These are hilarious.

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Nickleback – Rock Star

A great friend of mine told me about Nickleback several years ago.  I listened with the jaded ears of someone who has heard tons of bands.  I have seen literally thousands of bands flame out for a variety of reasons.  They had a very unique sound but one album does not get me to stand up and recognize.

Well, Nickleback has proven that they are for real.   This is a fun tune with a hiliarous video.  How many celebs do you recognize?

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