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News Roundup – Ferguson, Michael Brown, Paul Ryan

So, now, nearly a week after Michael Brown was shot to death, we learn that he was a suspect in a robbery. This is so damn convenient. Suddenly, Michael Brown has been changed from a man minding his own business, a victim, into a criminal trying to evade arrest. One would figure, and this could be just me, that this piece of crucial information would’ve been released at the time of the shooting. (Here’s the police report.) Ferguson was quiet last night. There were demonstrations and protests, but it appears that there was no violence. This the first good thing that

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More on Robin Williams

I’m still bumming that Robin Williams has died. Salon is putting together several great articles on Robin (here, here, here and here). I remember hearing that Steven Spielberg became very depressed while making Schindler’s List. He and Robin Williams became friends a couple of years earlier while filming Hook. Robin Williams sustained Steven Spielberg during the darkest days while filming that beautiful yet gutwrenching Holocaust drama. During my lifetime, there have only been a few comedians that I can say were fall-on-the-floor funny – Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Robin Williams. I love to laugh. I love to laugh so hard

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