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Saturday Evening News Roundup

Saturday Evening News Roundup Matt Taibbi has read Paula Bradwell’s biography of General David Petraeus. I appreciate his efforts. As a rule of thumb, I usually stay away from these types of biographies. They tend to be nauseatingly sickly sweet. They tend to fall on the subject in such a way as to make you think of two lovers in the backseat, fogging up the windows. Taibbi’s assessment of this biography is that it is basically exactly what you’d expect. There is no deep analysis. There’s no thoughtful retrospection. There’s nothing but praise. Interestingly, Matt goes on to tell us that

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Double Standard? (Update)

Why are we treating British Petroleum and the oil spill different than Wall Street and our economic collapse? A friend of mine pointed out this actually fabulous article in the Huffington Post. (I have more to say on this article after dinner with my wife. This is a progressive priority! Update: dinner was great.) BP–and the rest of the oil industry–relies on very risky technology to operate flawlessly under extreme pressure, in deeper and deeper water. According to the New York Times , Transocean commissioned a confidential study of safety records at some 15,000 deep sea wells. In 11 cases, crews “lost

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Learning from the meltdown

What are the lessons that we can take from the financial meltdown? Too big to fail is too big to exist. That is one of the biggest lessons, but the Senate hasn’t learned squat. From HuffPo: A move to break up major Wall Street banks failed Thursday night by a vote of 61 to 33. Three Republicans, Richard Shelby of Alabama, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and John Ensign of Nevada, voted with 30 Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, in support of the provision. The author of the pending overall financial reform bill in the Senate, Banking Committee

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