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Grab bag – Tuesday

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy From Political Animal: * Libya: “Libyan forces loyal to Moammar Gaddafi attacked rebel-held areas again on Monday, bombing the oil terminal of Ras Lanuf and battling to maintain control of a Mediterranean coastal town farther west, the opposition reported.” * Talk of a no-fly zone intensifies: “Britain and France are drafting a U.N. resolution that would establish a no-fly zone over Libya. A British diplomat at the U.N. stressed Monday that the resolution is being prepared as a contingency in case it is needed, but no decision has been made to

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Grab Bag Tuesday

*I saw the movie, The Book of Eli, last night. Outstanding. * I’m not sure how the Democrats messed up a special election in Massachusetts. Hopefully, they can pull a rabbit out of their hat. If not, a government that is relatively dysfunctional will grind to a halt. Now, Republicans can only block some legislation. If they gain this one seat in Massachusetts, their ability to block legislation increases exponentially. The status quo is fine with them. I hope that progressives from Massachusetts who say that they’re not going to vote because they’re unhappy with Obama or Coakley or the weather

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What's going on – Wednesday News Roundup

Wednesday Evening News Roundup Hillary Clinton has been confirmed by the Senate as Secretary of State.  The final vote was 94-2.  Senator David Vitter, the one that’s been linked to prostitution rings in two cities, and Senator Jim DeMint (Republican from South Carolina) were the only two that opposed Senator Clinton.  In a related story, Eric Holder, Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, is being held up by Senator John Cornyn of Texas.  Remember that Senator Cornyn owes most of his political career to George W. Bush. Senator Ted Kennedy was released from the hospital today.  Seizures can be very difficult to

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