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What's going on – News Roundup

I’m kind of exhausted this evening. So I’m going to use (borrow) Steve’s evening Roundup. I must add that Arianna Huffington‘s post is great. There are just some people who don’t understand the environment in which we are living. Many business CEOs don’t get it. Off with their heads! (I just added that part.) From Washington Monthly: * The “truce” in Gaza is already looking shaky, in light of a Palestinian roadside bomb that killed an Israeli today, which sparked an Israeli “airstrike that wounded a Hamas militant.” * No brainer: “The Treasury secretary, Timothy F. Geithner, announced on Tuesday that he would

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2000 American Troops dead in Iraq

The grim news from Iraq that the 2000th soldier has died in Iraq really says it all. We are paying a terrible price for a war that seems to have no end in sight. From NYT: Sgt. Anthony G. Jones, fresh off the plane from Iraq and an impish grin on his face, sauntered unannounced into his wife’s hospital room in Georgia just hours after she had given birth to their second son. For two joyous weeks in May, Sergeant Jones cooed over their baby and showered attention on his wife. But he also took care of unfinished business, selling his

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