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Thursday Morning News Roundup

Thursday Morning News Roundup Many new iPhone 5s are being shipped with defects. I really don’t understand the hysteria. My droid works extremely well and it cost me 1/3 the price. iOS 6 is a disaster. New Romney video – he will “harvest” companies. I’m sure that progressives have been sitting on this video and waiting for the right time. Romney stops a crowd of supporters who are chanting “Ryan, Ryan.” Wow. The NFL Referee strike is over. Finally!!! I think we can see how unions can work for the benefit of everyone. This union provided a high quality product. Romney is losing Ohio and

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Wild Card disaster, Part 3

I thought the Atlanta Falcons would find a way to win against the New York Giants. Basically, the Atlanta Falcons cannot find any offense whatsoever. The defensive line for the New York Giants rose to the occasion. They stuffed the run (Michael Turner – 15 attempts/41 yards) and they got after the quarterback. They harassed Matt Ryan all day long. They hit the quarterback four times, they pressured the quarterback nine times and they had two sacks. The defensive line of the New York Giants is the key to their whole football team. If their defensive line dominates, it covers up

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MLK memorial

From CNN.com: Presidents, civil rights icons, celebrities and ordinary citizens gathered Monday on the National Mall, where construction is getting under way for a monument honoring the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The monument will be built on a four-acre site near the Lincoln Memorial, where King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream ” speech in 1963. President Bush said that he was proud to dedicate the memorial to “the lasting memory of a great man.” “Dr. King showed us that a life of conscious and purpose can lift up many souls, and on this ground a monument will rise

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