Just a couple of things …Friday edition

  • I’m sorry, I believe that basketball is about skilled athletes figuring out away to put the ball in the basket. What we witnessed yesterday with the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls was more of a wrestling match. If you can’t shoot, I just don’t know how you play the game of basketball. The Chicago Bulls only had one shooter on the floor the whole game. Derek Rose has proven that he can carry a team deep into the playoffs but he’s going to need help if he and the Chicago Bulls are gonna go to the finals and win. Congratulations to the Miami Heat. I still think that there might be something physically wrong with Dwyane Wade. Lebron James was incredible, especially down the stretch in the fourth quarter. Again, the problem that I have with this whole series is reflected in the field goal percentage of the either team. Chicago shot 36% from the field and Miami shot 39% from the field. In my opinion, that’s not basketball.
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry is considering a run for president. The Republicans need somebody else to enter the field, I guess.
  • Michele Bachmann has done herself no favors in Iowa. It seems that over 300 Republicans had paid $75 apiece to see Michele Bachmann, a tea party darling, in person. She didn’t show.
  • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to want cuts in Medicare before agreeing to raising the debt ceiling. Republicans seem to really, really want to dismantle Medicare.
  • The popularity of Florida Governor Rick Scott seems to have plummeted. Unhappy voters seem to be barred from some of his events.
  • Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has reiterated that defaulting on our debts can have some serious consequences.