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Governor Bill Richardson Endorses Obama

Update: Video from Countdown added. Keith Olbermann interviews Governor Richardson.

I think that Governor Bill Richardson’s endorsement is just as big as when Hillary Clinton got endorsed by Jack Murtha (the anti-war former Marine from Pennsylvania). Richardson, who held two cabinet posts during the Clinton administration, stood with Obama today. Many believe that Richardson may help swing the Hispanic vote for Obama. I’m not so sure. I think that Richardson, like Edward Kennedy, represents an older wing of the Democratic party. They are the wise elders. Richardson makes it easier for Super Delegates to vote with their constituents.


From USA Today:

America’s only Hispanic governor has thrown his support behind Barack Obama for president, delivering one of the most coveted endorsements in the race for the Democratic nomination.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson joined Obama at an Oregon rally Friday and said the Illinois senator demonstrated his leadership abilities this week with his speech on race. Richardson gave up his own bid for the nomination in January. (more…)

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Debates – Bill Richardson on Immigration

I’m not much for the “group” grope that is called the Debates.  The voter can’t get any meaningful policy information from a 2 minutes sound bite.  Governor Richardson does a good job explaining the problem.  He solution is a little rushed. Why?  Because there isn’t enough time.

In my opinion, America has to face reality.  We can’t send 12 million people back.  So, what do we do?  First, crack down on any company that hires non-citizens (economic refugees).   Increase the number of agents that will enforce this law and increase the fees against these companies until it hurts.  Secondly, increase the number of border patrol agents.  Third, tear down that stupid wall.  Walls have never worked.  Fourth, economic refugees who are in this country must pay a fine for breaking the law.  Fifth, the process of becoming a citizen should take no more than 5 years.  This means that we have increase the government workers to handle the case load. Sixth, we have to improve conditions in Mexico.  People will not come here if there was a great job in Mexico that they could get that would support their family.

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HB – Richardson officially announces

Governor Bill Richardson “officially” announces that he is running for President of the US.  I like Bill Richardson.  I think that he is thoughtful, intelligent and has experience that is unmatched in the Democratic field.

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