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Happy Holidays!

I’m behind in my posting again. Sorry. If you like the new look of the blog, let me know. I appreciate your feedback. Before I go on and on, as I typically do, let me wish you, your family, and your friends happy holidays. Merry Christmas to those who observe the holiday. Also, happy new year! Unions!Woohoo! The United Auto Workers won new solid contracts with GM, Ford, and Stellantis. New pay raises. New cost of living adjustments. The ink wasn’t dry on these new contracts before Honda, Toyota and Hyundai announced that they are raising pay at their US plants.

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Militarized Police Departments Don’t Work – Ferguson

This is a GREAT story from Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek – Here’s a pop quiz for all you media junkies: Which of the following took place in Ferguson, Missouri, recently, and which transpired during the 1968 Democratic National Convention (hint: both involved a certain higher-up with the last name Nixon): Two members of the media are quietly doing their jobs as a violent police action is under way. They are grabbed and assaulted by officers for no apparent reason. Peaceful protesters on a street are attacked by police with tear gas. A cop yells at a group of nonviolent protesters, “Bring

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Delaying the Inevitable – Mitt Romney

In politics, it’s important to understand the atmosphere that you’re in. Richard Nixon famously could not understand the antiwar movement and how the country had changed significantly since the mid-’50s. Mitt Romney seems to be one of these politicians who really doesn’t understand the environment in which he is working. He and his advisors need to sit down and come up with a strategy about handling the issue of his tax returns. The question is not going to go away. It doesn’t matter how mad he gets or how he tries to blow off reporters’ questions. The issue is only going

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