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Look Back, Rewind, Reverse, Republicans dig in

(I wrote this for the Urban News a couple of months ago.) You’d be excused if you thought this was 2010 or 2011 or even 2012. For one party, they simply are replaying their greatest hits. It doesn’t seem to matter whether those hits brought them any political gain or not. As you remember, Lois Lerner, not Lois Lane, who worked at the Daily Planet and could be found in the SuperMan cartoons, was the IRS official who was at the center of the Republican-led IRS investigation. Remember the IRS was targeting tea party groups. This caused initial outrage but soon,

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Rewind – We don't torture

The president today trying to get ahead of this torture story.  A press conference was called.  The President was looking very tired and was wearing a grey suit (I didn’t know that he owned anything that wasn’t blue).  He repeated what he said several years ago that America does not torture.  This is the reason that the President has not credibility left.  There is overwhelming evidence that we torture.  Black sites.  Waterboarded victims.  We torture. ———– From NYT: President Bush, reacting to a Congressional uproar over the disclosure of secret Justice Department legal opinions permitting the harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects,

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