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Dallas Cowboys 2013 Review – Tony Romo

Tony Romo

Tony Romo

I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I’m not a scout. I’m writing this because many Cowboy fans have been sipping the Tony Romo hater-ade. I think that they need to focus their anger in a different direction. We have now had several years of tape to study on Tony Romo. He is a good quarterback. He wants to win. He wasn’t as thoughtful or studious as Peyton or Brady, but he has gotten a ton better. He can throw a great ball. He has some great movement in the pocket. He can be brilliant on the football field. Every now and then, it seems that the moment can be too big for Tony. It seems as if he feels that he has to make a play whether the play is there to be made or not. When you look at the Denver Bronco game I think that you see the good and the bad of Tony Romo.

In the 1st quarter, the Cowboys have a 2nd and 16. Romo is the shotgun. Romo gets immediate pressure. He spins out of the pocket to his left. He looks left. That receiver is covered. He looks right and Witten is open. He throws a dart across his body to Witten for 17 yards and a first down. Later on in that same drive, Dallas is 3rd and goal at the 8. Four wides. Murray also goes out in the pattern from the backfield. Romo has about a year to find someone… anyone, and no one comes open. Denver drops 7 into coverage. Romo gets sacked for 17. On one hand, this is no big deal, since we were going to kick a field goal anyway. On the other hand, what the heck was he thinking? He is really looking and looking for a receiver for about 10 seconds. Throw the ball out of the back of the endzone. Do something. Don’t take a stupid sack. There is no reason. (more…)

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Year in Review – 2007

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